Hay Products

Rhizoma Peanut is a legume that is used extensively in the Southeastern U.S. as a high quality hay. It is comparable to Alfalfa in protein and digestability. It is mainly targeted to the horse market although it can be fed to ruminants as well. This particular hay offers ranchers in the south to produce and sell a high quality hay that is second to none in the Southern U.S. Here at GLC we bale three times a year: in the late spring, late summer and early fall. Most of our hay goes to horse owners, but we also sell to producers who show cattle, sheep and goats.

For more information, visit www.florida-agriculture.com/peanuthay or call the Perennial Peanut Producers at (850) 973-2399.

Producing 120-130 bales per acre with each bale weighing 60-70 pounds shows how dense this type of legume is.

The plant is very leafy and has a very aromatic smell that the animals love. They do not leave a leaf on the ground!

Our only problem with this hay is not being able to produce enough of it!