Order Directly and Save Money

We sell by the whole animal, 1/2 a side or 1/4 a side of beef, and priced by weight. Our animals normally weigh about 900-1000 lbs when they are finished and ready for processing. The "Hot Carcass Weight" is the weight of just meat and bone, and that is what we charge for. You will lose half the live animal weight in bone and shrink. A 1000 lb. animal would have a hot carcass weight of about 500 lbs.

Our best selling package is the 1/4 side of beef. We mix cuts from both the front and rear quarters so you have a mix of cuts from both halves. This includes a sample of all of the above. This mix averages about $4.85/lb and the weight ranges from 100-150lbs of meat for each 1/4.

Our product is dry aged, so custom orders will take 10-14 days to be ready for pickup at the Meat Market in New Iberia or at one of our designated Saturday Farmers Market locations in Lafayette and Baton Rouge.

The processing is completely customized by the buyer. The GLC Custom Order Form at the bottom of this page answers some common questions and gives an overview of the Custom Ordering Process.

A $100 deposit is required to begin the custom order, and that deposit can be made through our online store here.

Once we receive a deposit we will send the calf for processing. It will dry age for 10 days (longer if you would like to). Delivery time is normally 10-14 days.